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The estate's positioning is in full harmony with the flow of chi (life force) and expertly chosen by a Tibetan Feng Shui Master. As a result living in Treasure Park will bring you in perfect harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

The estate is situated "in the lap of the King" against the mountain. A trickling water stream is running through the estate with the southern winds being invited. Serenity, harmony and happiness will be your part.


The East. All villas and the estate as such are open to the East bringing the sunrise right into your home. Friendships will blossom and last a life time. Looking East reveals four dragons in the seaview who will eternally protect you and your wealth.

The West. Protection and stability of you and your family is thoroughly enhanced by the West being graciously protected by the Big Buddha mountain.

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The North. To the North and North East the hills and forests form a protective curtain to reject the strong winds while the green grassy fields in the front will enhance your fertility and protect your health and wealth.

The South. Business will flourish as from the South the perfect flowing winds are invited into your home.

Inside, the lay-out of the villas enhance the Feng Shui principles bringing more harmony and happiness to you and your family.